Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Possible Earl Sweatshirt Track?

Could this be another part of Kitchen Cutlery, an old Earl/Sly project? Or is this a copycat?

A short track that we have no idea what it's called, so we'll call it Unknown Track. This track cannot be found anywhere official, no Odd Future blogs, no Twitter accounts. It's all speculation at this stage. What do you think? Is this a leak from old Earl/Sly Tendencies productions, or is not Earl at all? Perhaps a copycat trying to copy his flow, and left this on the web to be found?

Click read more to check out another old Kitchen Cutlery song and read a little more about the saga of Earl.

Chip tha Ripper - The Truth [New Music]

 Hey ya'll Cleveland is my ci-tay

Download: The Truth - Chip tha Ripper

You are now tuned in to some music from one of the real emcees today. The truth in this dude words, no pun intended though, are so real and true to home. Forever reppin' Cleveland where he goes to wreck mics, Chip tha Ripper released this song to be included on his TellYaFriends mixtape, widely promoted on Twitter.

Curren$y - Ways to Kill 'Em (Verde Terrace) [New Music Video]

Spitta drops his visual representation of "Ways to Kill 'Em" off Verde Terrace. Hopefully you all are very aware of that mixtape by now, endless plays in my iTunes library. Spitta Productions does not disappoint. Jet life.


Need to download this jam? We got you right here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

9th Wonder x Warren G, Murs, and Kendrick Lamar - Enjoy [New Music]

What I am personally calling the best collaboration in a good minute, 9th Wonder, the West Coast legend, pulls together a track that embodies the old school and the new school. Kendrick Lamar, the freshman, holds his own with names that have been around for years longer than he, this whole track is just a straight up banger. Released single off of The Wonder Years, buy the track and the album: on iTunes (artist profile: 9th Wonder)

Download (for promotional use only): 9th Wonder x Warren G, Murs, and Kendrick Lamar - Enjoy

Twin x Young Money's Short Dawg - Rendezvous [New Music Video]

Twin 6 as an upcoming Austin rapper, melded with an awesome verse by Young Money's Short Dawg whose mixtape, The Adventures of Drankenstein, is set to drop before Halloween. Just a cold jam brought to you by Rooftop Productions based in Austin, TX.

Enjoy this video? Check out: Rooftop Productions

 Plenty of blunt smokin' and rover rangin', the bass is mad nice on this too. I'm not telling ya how to live your life, but I recommend a download and a blunt cruise (or three).

More Music

Short Dawg has a way of killin' it, check out this Trouble on My Mind freestyle that you may have not heard yet:

Download: Short Dawg - Trouble on My Mind freestyle 

This video to Tupac Back freestyle by Short might be familiar to those Tyga fans... I'm keepin' a sharp eye out for this dudes next mixtape, I'm ready for Short Dawg to make moves.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mac Miller - Smile Back [New Music Video]

Mac's back with his second single off Blue Slide Park, dropping November 8th.

Download the track here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frank Ocean - Swim Good [New Music Video]

Frank dropped this visual for Swim Good off his album Nosalgia, Ultra.
 Pretty creative guy that Frank Ocean eh?

Download the track here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tyga x Honey Cocaine - Heisman [New Music]

Girl rappers are tryna come up, what does it say about Tyga that he signed a female rapper as the first rapper to his Last Kings label? Has he gained a sort of sage foresight, like his YM labelmate Weezy? We are unsure which Tyga project this has come off of, but it gives us a look into the future. She sounds good, definite talent. Tyga's verse ain't nothin' you could fuck with. Careless World dropping on Novermber 19th, DON'T SLEEP ON IT.

Casey Veggies x Dom Kennedy x Kendrick Lamar - Ridin' Round Town (remix) [NEW MUSIC]

Download: Ridin' Round Town (remix) - Casey Veggies ft. Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy

Tree Thoughts: Sweet, sweet stuff if you like these guys. A whole lot of talent on this track, however the production itself is low quality, but thats only because they want you to jump on iTunes and show some love for the deluxe addition. Little Veggies is trying to get paid; help him out, or not, but jam this piece.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Video] Finito - NORE ft. Pharrell, Lil Wayne [New Music]

"Neptunes on the beat/ you know what it is/ NORE(aga) what it is"
 Lil Wayne's Verse on Finito

 Noreaga was an important influence on Pharrell's producing

Noreaga, or NORE, let this single go off his new tentative album, Superthug, last month. With the beat produced by young production genius Pharrell, and a solid Lil Wayne verse, he may just have it needs in this album to restir the hip-hop community. He released the video version today, and its quite the visual representation.

 Official Video to Finito - NORE, Pharrell and Lil Wayne

Kendrick Lamar Comin' Up [New Music]

Kendrick stopped in earlier this week to rock a freestyle on a radio show (DJ Green Lantern), check it out here:

Kendrick Lamar "Ondaspot" Freestyle

 Dope freestyle, always spittin truth, and able to make his own beat and pull it acapella.

He also dropped a NEW song earlier this week on a NY Radio DJs mixtape:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J. Cole x Jay-Z - Mr. Nice Watch [New Music]

Something a little different from J. and Jay, fresh off Cole World dropping 9.27. Listen to Mr. Nice Watch and download below.

Download: Mr. Nice Watch - J.Cole (featuring Jay-Z)

A Look at Young Money [Throwback Tree Thoughts] (Wreckin' Birthday to CL)

So especially when new albums are on their way, and singles are being dropped, it can kinda cool to reminiscence and play some throwbacks to remind ourselves how exactly it was our favorite artists made it. This is something that we here at Hip Hop and Trees will strive to continue. (Say Throwback Tree Thoughts five time fast)

Today's feature is Young Money Cash Money Entertainment, inspired by Charles (aka C.) (official blog owner and the guy who started Hip Hop and Trees from scratch himself) and his musical inclination toward YMCMB.

Say What You Like... Weezy Can Sure Pick 'Em
As Weezy grows weaker, we see Last Kings and OVO only growing stronger. Smart guy, that Dwayne is. With Tha Carter IV and Take Care on the way, as well as Tyga's Careless World, Young Money seems to be going big in 2011, cashing in on the name that they have each built for themselves over the years. With their hype and popularity seemingly at an all time high, it can slightly easy to forget how it all began.

YMCMB... Wayne's Legacy right here

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Generous Look at Drake's Take Care [3 New Songs]

"ayoo.. free music ya'll... its drizzy...hardly home, but always reppin'...bollywood flow ya'll..."

Tree Thoughts: October's Very Own decides to hook the bloggers up with these insanely generous tracks for a little look into his latest album Take Care (okay, how typical is this Drake album name?). These tracks are good lookin', and even though I don't claim myself a devout Drake fan, I can definitely appreciate the hell out of these tracks, and the fact that Drake is just giving us this. Sure, he comes out a little emotional in Club Paradise, but he goes in on Free Spirit, (what up Rozay!). Forget reviews though, ,its music, make your own opinions! (Somethin that is seriously ill on Drakes blogspot is his rampant use of OVOXO...) OVO = Octobers Very Own ... XO = The Weekend... Yeah, I'm ready for that album now.

Download: Club Paradise - Drizzy Drake Rogers

Download: Free Spirit - Drake ft Ricky Rozay

Some OVOXO (Drake + The Weeknd), just in case you've missed the unofficial mixed collaboration of OVOXO.

Download: Trust Issues (OVOXO remix) - Drake ft The Weeknd

Anddd, last and perhaps least, a song that is not exactly Drake's but was featured on his personal blog, so for all you die-hard Drizzy fans, he wanted you to hear this, so give it a listen and a download. (Yeah, it's kind of a short flow, before you hit that play button, but Drake sure was excited about it.)

Download: Round of Applause (remix) - Waka Flocka ft Drake

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adele in Hip-Hop [Tree Thoughts]

So, Adele is an interesting case, let's be honest now, we heard her voice on Rolling in the Deep for the first time, and we were like "Damnnnn, who is this girl, I'ma get to know her, what up what up" and then a quick google search taught us a serious lesson. Music is about the music, and less about what the person is singing looks like.

Adele is quickly becoming everyone's favorite singer, with her soul and talent and steely ambition, nothins gonna stop this girl. In fact, even that dude Big Sean wants dinner and little Chardonnay with Adele...
"She never compromises her sound for anything...She makes the kind of music people sample, and that's the best kind..." (Big Sean on Adele, 9/7/11)

Yup, it's true, some of your favorite rappers have sampled Adele; and more to come without a doubt, so it would do you well to familiarize yourself with the female powerhouse that is Adele, and maybe throw a little more respect and props in her direction... Here are some of songs that I'm sure all of you have heard, but it's nice to see exactly how our favorite rappers use Adele samples to get their point across, and how sweet the sound is, how sweet the sound is.

Let's start with a personal favorite of mine, and list about 3 more. Examples of Adele's beautiful voice meshing with the truth:

Hometown Hero - BIG K.R.I.T. ft Yelawolf (Sampled: Hometown Glory by Adele)

Hometown - Big Sean (Sampled: Hometown Glory by Adele)

Rolling in the Deep (remix) ft. verse by Childish Gambino - Jamie XX
Notes: Jamie XX (Drums/producer for band: 'the xx') remixed Adeles original track himself, adding heavy bass and drum patterns that remind us of dubstep...Childish Gambino's verse is at the end.

Reminded ft. Adele - Tyga (Sampled: Someone Like You by Adele, also performed live at VMAs)

Check out: Crack BC [NEW MUSIC] and Young Roddy

Crack BC -- Curren$y ft. Young Roddy

Tree Thoughts:
"I called in a professional, here's the professional. Lemme get out the way...See I wouldn't try to do this, I called in a professional."
This is a sick track for many reasons. Even though this song says "featuring Young Roddy", it's really his own song. Curren$y does not drop one line on this beat, even though it's his mixtape with Drama. Why? 
"See what I'm sayin'? That's why I did that. I love this beat. But I figured we needed the trill on this one...How could I touch the Crack Commandments?"
That's what Young Roddy's all about in this song, goin' out to the block over a sick beat that sounds very, very familiar. We can infer that Curren$y's never been through this situation so he passed the mic. But, man, hold up a sec. Right from the beginning even the words Young Roddy starts it off with... Where have we heard it all before...?

The Ten Crack Commandments -- the Notorious B.I.G.

That's right, a track made in 1997 by Notorious B.I.G. A classic, the 10 Crack Commandments. I think Roddy has definitely paid the respect necessary by using the same form Notorious used with his flow, and went in on his tangent flow.
"Follow these rules, have mad cash to rake up, make money easy like a lay-up. Jets nigga."

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fresh Taste of J. Cole's Any Given Sunday #5 [New Music]

Heavy by J. Cole

Tree Thoughts: Yes, rapheads, that is the J. Cole "Any Given Sunday #5" Cover Art, fresh off the presses, as well as this new song. Clean as hell, that's what I thought about it, I feel that football season swag coming out. Clean as hell is also what I thought about this beat, makes me feel like I'm back in the 90's throwin' down some Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. J. Cole plays and messes around on this video game track, but his flow is business and he lays it Heavy.

Gone - The Weeknd (Sango Remix) [New Music]

Gone by The Weekend (Sango Remix by Sangobeats)

Tree Thoughts: Sangobeats (look for his other work on http://soundcloud.com/sangobeats) takes the track Gone from The Weeknd's latest mixtape "Thursday", and somehow manages to make The Weeknd's seemingly drug-clouded, emotionally driven music even more trippy and relaxing. Give it a listen, not really a lyrical track, not a club banger, just sit and vibe to this. Throw in some tree, and let us know how it does you.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Verde Terrace Mixtape Bonus Track [New Music]

Smoke Sumthn (remix) - Curren$y ft. Lil Wayne

Tree Thoughts: So, it turns out that Curren$y missed the e-mail from mastering that had Lil Weezy's verse, and decided to just drop the mixtape, then released this song as a kind of remix, after the fact. Lil Wayne does pretty nice on this song, bringing a soft drawl, steady walking rhythm to the Gangsta Grillz beat (the Drama/Weezy pairing has never really let us down, has it?), some really cool punchlines:
"...you're coward-hearted, yellow, lemon merengue / I'm about to change my name from Dwayne to Deranged / To be a billionaire I got a shot like Danny Ainge..."
and syntax tricks:
"...knowing me, I'll prolly ollie up the curb, then grind down the rail / only with my tail, pause (paws)..."
It's a refreshing, collected spin to his recent R&B style endeavors, but the most interesting part is something that most will miss. Curren$y and Wayne are back on a track together, something that those who followed YMCMB a while back are happy to see. Smoke Somthn'.