Monday, September 26, 2011

Twin x Young Money's Short Dawg - Rendezvous [New Music Video]

Twin 6 as an upcoming Austin rapper, melded with an awesome verse by Young Money's Short Dawg whose mixtape, The Adventures of Drankenstein, is set to drop before Halloween. Just a cold jam brought to you by Rooftop Productions based in Austin, TX.

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 Plenty of blunt smokin' and rover rangin', the bass is mad nice on this too. I'm not telling ya how to live your life, but I recommend a download and a blunt cruise (or three).

More Music

Short Dawg has a way of killin' it, check out this Trouble on My Mind freestyle that you may have not heard yet:

Download: Short Dawg - Trouble on My Mind freestyle 

This video to Tupac Back freestyle by Short might be familiar to those Tyga fans... I'm keepin' a sharp eye out for this dudes next mixtape, I'm ready for Short Dawg to make moves.

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