Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Generous Look at Drake's Take Care [3 New Songs]

"ayoo.. free music ya'll... its drizzy...hardly home, but always reppin'...bollywood flow ya'll..."

Tree Thoughts: October's Very Own decides to hook the bloggers up with these insanely generous tracks for a little look into his latest album Take Care (okay, how typical is this Drake album name?). These tracks are good lookin', and even though I don't claim myself a devout Drake fan, I can definitely appreciate the hell out of these tracks, and the fact that Drake is just giving us this. Sure, he comes out a little emotional in Club Paradise, but he goes in on Free Spirit, (what up Rozay!). Forget reviews though, ,its music, make your own opinions! (Somethin that is seriously ill on Drakes blogspot is his rampant use of OVOXO...) OVO = Octobers Very Own ... XO = The Weekend... Yeah, I'm ready for that album now.

Download: Club Paradise - Drizzy Drake Rogers

Download: Free Spirit - Drake ft Ricky Rozay

Some OVOXO (Drake + The Weeknd), just in case you've missed the unofficial mixed collaboration of OVOXO.

Download: Trust Issues (OVOXO remix) - Drake ft The Weeknd

Anddd, last and perhaps least, a song that is not exactly Drake's but was featured on his personal blog, so for all you die-hard Drizzy fans, he wanted you to hear this, so give it a listen and a download. (Yeah, it's kind of a short flow, before you hit that play button, but Drake sure was excited about it.)

Download: Round of Applause (remix) - Waka Flocka ft Drake


  1. Gotta love free music :D That's how it should be imo

  2. You're ready? I'm ready. So glad you made the comment about reviews, that's what I've been sayin' all along! I'm personally a huge fan of Drake; he's really got a genuine heart. Maybe it's the girl in me? I don't know, but I feel like his new shit is most definitely worth while.

    Thanks fo the songs CL!