Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adele in Hip-Hop [Tree Thoughts]

So, Adele is an interesting case, let's be honest now, we heard her voice on Rolling in the Deep for the first time, and we were like "Damnnnn, who is this girl, I'ma get to know her, what up what up" and then a quick google search taught us a serious lesson. Music is about the music, and less about what the person is singing looks like.

Adele is quickly becoming everyone's favorite singer, with her soul and talent and steely ambition, nothins gonna stop this girl. In fact, even that dude Big Sean wants dinner and little Chardonnay with Adele...
"She never compromises her sound for anything...She makes the kind of music people sample, and that's the best kind..." (Big Sean on Adele, 9/7/11)

Yup, it's true, some of your favorite rappers have sampled Adele; and more to come without a doubt, so it would do you well to familiarize yourself with the female powerhouse that is Adele, and maybe throw a little more respect and props in her direction... Here are some of songs that I'm sure all of you have heard, but it's nice to see exactly how our favorite rappers use Adele samples to get their point across, and how sweet the sound is, how sweet the sound is.

Let's start with a personal favorite of mine, and list about 3 more. Examples of Adele's beautiful voice meshing with the truth:

Hometown Hero - BIG K.R.I.T. ft Yelawolf (Sampled: Hometown Glory by Adele)

Hometown - Big Sean (Sampled: Hometown Glory by Adele)

Rolling in the Deep (remix) ft. verse by Childish Gambino - Jamie XX
Notes: Jamie XX (Drums/producer for band: 'the xx') remixed Adeles original track himself, adding heavy bass and drum patterns that remind us of dubstep...Childish Gambino's verse is at the end.

Reminded ft. Adele - Tyga (Sampled: Someone Like You by Adele, also performed live at VMAs)

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