Thursday, September 8, 2011

Check out: Crack BC [NEW MUSIC] and Young Roddy

Crack BC -- Curren$y ft. Young Roddy

Tree Thoughts:
"I called in a professional, here's the professional. Lemme get out the way...See I wouldn't try to do this, I called in a professional."
This is a sick track for many reasons. Even though this song says "featuring Young Roddy", it's really his own song. Curren$y does not drop one line on this beat, even though it's his mixtape with Drama. Why? 
"See what I'm sayin'? That's why I did that. I love this beat. But I figured we needed the trill on this one...How could I touch the Crack Commandments?"
That's what Young Roddy's all about in this song, goin' out to the block over a sick beat that sounds very, very familiar. We can infer that Curren$y's never been through this situation so he passed the mic. But, man, hold up a sec. Right from the beginning even the words Young Roddy starts it off with... Where have we heard it all before...?

The Ten Crack Commandments -- the Notorious B.I.G.

That's right, a track made in 1997 by Notorious B.I.G. A classic, the 10 Crack Commandments. I think Roddy has definitely paid the respect necessary by using the same form Notorious used with his flow, and went in on his tangent flow.
"Follow these rules, have mad cash to rake up, make money easy like a lay-up. Jets nigga."

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