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A Look at Young Money [Throwback Tree Thoughts] (Wreckin' Birthday to CL)

So especially when new albums are on their way, and singles are being dropped, it can kinda cool to reminiscence and play some throwbacks to remind ourselves how exactly it was our favorite artists made it. This is something that we here at Hip Hop and Trees will strive to continue. (Say Throwback Tree Thoughts five time fast)

Today's feature is Young Money Cash Money Entertainment, inspired by Charles (aka C.) (official blog owner and the guy who started Hip Hop and Trees from scratch himself) and his musical inclination toward YMCMB.

Say What You Like... Weezy Can Sure Pick 'Em
As Weezy grows weaker, we see Last Kings and OVO only growing stronger. Smart guy, that Dwayne is. With Tha Carter IV and Take Care on the way, as well as Tyga's Careless World, Young Money seems to be going big in 2011, cashing in on the name that they have each built for themselves over the years. With their hype and popularity seemingly at an all time high, it can slightly easy to forget how it all began.

YMCMB... Wayne's Legacy right here

Lil Wayne, the Tunechi, himself
I could dedicate a whole article to this dude (I probably will very soon), but in the spirit of keeping this post snappy and cutting out the fluff that most of us just know, just check out some old Weezy that has golden playability.

Tha Carter....Thats it. Just Tha Carter. 2004 bruh.
Whoa, this dude doesn't even have full dreads yet, is this Weezy?! Not sure dude.......

Man..... this track is old. 2004. Two years from now will be a decade of Carter. Crazy. But man, this track wrecks..

2006. How old were you five years ago? Dedication 2. A mixtape of pure, undiluted illness.

DJ Drama goodness. "Listen close, I got duct tape and rope, I'll leave you missing, like the fuckin O'Bannon(s)...." Tell it to my motherfuckin' cannon.

2007. When this came out, everyone was like "Man, thats it. Waynes got the game right now. Best rapper alive."

Such a classic, Weezy puts the "Shoulder Lean" beat to sleep.

2009. But wait, this isn't a Lil Wayne Album...Nope, it's off of another YM artist. The Wayne flow is illin' though. 

"Wayne and Gudda, who wanna contest the rappers?" "My money runnin' like Sonic the Hedgehog / and for the bread dog, I'm like Adolf" ......."...And I don't wanna talk about it / Gangsta shit right in front you, nigga walk around / Niggas let me do me / They know I kick it like Jet Li, Bruce Lee..." Speaks for itself. No I don't drink wine, but I smoke purple grape.

Note: For the sake of post length, I have left out a track that I had anticipated to add: Leather So Soft. 2006, five years, a great track, not only because it makes it seem like Birdman can rap, but it's the Father/Son relationship goin on in that song.

So in 2009, Drake made his break for it, with mixtapes such as So Far Gone and his pinnacle signing with Weezy's label; those who were not playing close attention might have missed it all. 
(Remember in this time, 2009, for a lot of high school kids when they heard Drake, they did not think about Drizzy exactly...)


Alright, thats a joke guys, cmon gimme a break, Drizzy used to be a TV star too.. Let's start off with 2008 though, before he was signed with Young Money, Wayne called Drake over to Houston and talk over potential signing and songwriting. 

Rawness, pure rawness, but we can pretty much look at this song thinking, "Man, Drake sounds like he's got something to prove!"...Well, it's because he pretty much did. Drake should smoke more often though.

Okay okay, so he got signed lets keep movin', we all definitely remember these jams, so jam on:

So Far Gone 2009...Doesn't seem like so long ago, does it?

Let the nostalgia flow freely, let this remind you of other 2009 Drake bangers such as Successful, Best I Ever Had, and of course, I'm Goin In (Swag so official all I need is a whistle!)

Thank Me Later, 2010

Probably one of my favorite Drake jams....I am such a fan of Drake's flows when he goes in like this. Lil Wayne, Drake, Bun B, anyone see a pattern here...? Rawness. That's the pattern.

Man, this dudes rise to stardom is a trip. So much to write about this guy also, the stories behind rappers rises are ones that could go on and on, but I'm sure you're not too interested in reading by now, so we'll cut straight to the music, but I would encourage you to do a little research behind the way this guy got to where he is. Spoiler Alert: The pop-punk-rock band Fall Out Boy had a large part with his early productions (GASP! NO!...yup)

2009. No album art, just this ill picture.

Personally, one of the first songs I seriously noticed Tyga on, which is why it is here first of course, but there's just something about the strength, energy and conviction that Tyga brings this to the table that brings only one word to your mind everytime: raw. T-RAW man

2009. This album had some serious bangers..including..

DJ Ill Will has long been one of my favorite DJs..Tyga unleashes the flow on this literally SICK beat... 

Tygas got a seriously underrated verse here. Who else loves this mixtape? Young Money.

Technically, not a Tyga song per se, but this verse is mad nice. 2009, check it.

Sayin' that this video kills it is probably an understatement.

Over Kanye's "I'm So Appalled" beat, Tyga proves himself, as always, to be able to just murder shi'. The embedded video is just straight hood illness in YouTube form.

That's all for Throwback Tree Thoughts this week. Happy Birthday C.

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