Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Possible Earl Sweatshirt Track?

Could this be another part of Kitchen Cutlery, an old Earl/Sly project? Or is this a copycat?

A short track that we have no idea what it's called, so we'll call it Unknown Track. This track cannot be found anywhere official, no Odd Future blogs, no Twitter accounts. It's all speculation at this stage. What do you think? Is this a leak from old Earl/Sly Tendencies productions, or is not Earl at all? Perhaps a copycat trying to copy his flow, and left this on the web to be found?

Click read more to check out another old Kitchen Cutlery song and read a little more about the saga of Earl.

Please tell me we still remember... 

Earl Sweatshirt, who really needs no introduction. Those Earl fans already know what the deal is, and those who are not Sweatshirt fans... well, aren't Sweatshirt fans, know what I mean? But quick synopsis: Earl, young Odd Future rapper, Tyler's best friend, released extremely good mixtape, Mom hears it, gets offended, Earls off to reformation school in Somalia, set to be released next year. After his leave, leaks have been popping up in random corners of the web, mostly from Kitchen Cutlery (his first rapping endeavor).

Disclaimer/Note: Unofficial source/leak, when we know the name and time recorded, we will let you know. Though we can't be sure, judging by the flow, rhetoric, and word choice, and tone of voice, we can assume it is a very young Earl.
In my opinion, a cold little track nonetheless.

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