Saturday, September 3, 2011

Verde Terrace Mixtape Bonus Track [New Music]

Smoke Sumthn (remix) - Curren$y ft. Lil Wayne

Tree Thoughts: So, it turns out that Curren$y missed the e-mail from mastering that had Lil Weezy's verse, and decided to just drop the mixtape, then released this song as a kind of remix, after the fact. Lil Wayne does pretty nice on this song, bringing a soft drawl, steady walking rhythm to the Gangsta Grillz beat (the Drama/Weezy pairing has never really let us down, has it?), some really cool punchlines:
"'re coward-hearted, yellow, lemon merengue / I'm about to change my name from Dwayne to Deranged / To be a billionaire I got a shot like Danny Ainge..."
and syntax tricks:
"...knowing me, I'll prolly ollie up the curb, then grind down the rail / only with my tail, pause (paws)..."
It's a refreshing, collected spin to his recent R&B style endeavors, but the most interesting part is something that most will miss. Curren$y and Wayne are back on a track together, something that those who followed YMCMB a while back are happy to see. Smoke Somthn'.


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