Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nas - Nasty [New Video]

When we hear the name Nas, we think classic. We think Illmatic, we think N.Y. State of Mind. Nas is just a real N.Y. rapper and has been on the backburner of mainstream social media, as we have seen watched him over the past 10 years take a backseat to old-rival-turned-friend, Jay-Z who basically has taken over the media scene.

Nas visually shows you in this video what his career record spells out: After 15+ years of rap, and being "God's son" in the hip-hop community, he is still with his hood. (Despite Lil Wayne's humble beginnings and a now big commercial name, would he shoot a music video in Hollygrove, New Orleans?) There's no place like home.

Download: Nasty - Nas

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